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Azzurro Gas Equipment the most affordable and economical brand in Australia, Azzurro is within everyone’s reach, now you can afford to put in a gas cooking range in your kitchen.

Azzurro gas is a bench-top range of cooking equipment and also has stainless steel stands s available should you need them.

This cooking range is unique and suited for people with small budgets wanting to start out for the first time and start cooking.

The range is put together in China in a high quality 304 stainless steel frame structure it is heavy duty and comes with cast iron trivets, and American controls & thermostat valves amazingly the char-grill & hot-pates come with stainless steel burners.

All this range has manual ignition and lights up with simplicity the old fashioned way.

We offer open cook top burners in 2-4-6 burner cook tops.

Azzurro has a large range of Deep Fryers it has a 3-4 &5 tube 140mj fryers in their range.

Azzurro gas equipment comes both in Natural gas and LPG ( all ready converted).

Azzurro Gas Equipment is fully backed with a 12 months warranty Australia wide

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